Beate Gillson of Gillson Art will have several paintings at this auction.

BeataBeate Gillson was born in the old town of Arnstadt, Germany. It was not until 2002 that she moved to where she now considers her home, on the shores of Lough Derg, just a stone throw away from the colourful craft village of Killaloe. Despite her profession as a nurse taking up most of her emotion and time, Beate always expressed herself through creativeness, often times using this medium as an outlet for all the sentiments she dealt with in her work and personal life- a boundary often contentious to her being. As she continues to work as a nurse, she has allowed herself to indulge more in her passion in recent years. Beate never seizes to learn new techniques and is gifted with the ability to see art in everyday form, whether it is through structured learning or observation. She has painting under the instruction of renowned artists Karl Hoffmann (Germany), Maurice Quinlan and Henry Morgan (Ireland), to name a few.

When asked to describe her choice of abstract style, she is drawn back to her childhood and recounts with great fondness her grandfather’s illustrations. These filled her school books with colour and animation capturing each theme more accurately then the printed text. An early imprint on her soul to express of feel through art, communicating love, happiness and hope. As a result she has learnt to experience places through colour, and is captivated by Ireland for this very reason, finding inspiration in the floral arabesques and romantic green pastures distinctive to the West of Ireland. As we converse she appears to escape into what seems like another dimension. She excitedly describes the nature of her art…

“Abstract art is what really makes me happy, I burst with colours, everything I see, everything I hear, everything I taste, everything I smell gets translated into colours. Colour is to the eye as music to the ear. I feel I can relate to Picasso when he says I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else’.

At a very low point in her life, Beate quit structural painting to seek refuge in her art and express it cathartically through abstract art. Her art work at this time in her life is easily identifiable to those familiar with her work, due to its striking darkness and sadness. However, you will rarely see these pieces now as she heals with every painting, each time leaving a piece of her somewhere between the colours and canvas to forever be alleviated from her and immortalised in physical form. As a result her art is a fusion of reminiscence, maturity, colour and emotion.

With her work she hopes to inspire the viewer to experience her paintings.

“I know that an untold eye sees more and what I see will vary from what you see. The healing power of art is undeniable, not only to the artist, also to the viewer. I also like the interaction and the response of the viewer. If I can make the viewer happy I have achieved the world.