THE natural, raw beauty in Lough Derg has provided the perfect backdrop for a Killaloe-based oncology nurse, who used her environment to express herself in imaginative paintings.
A new art exhibition by Beate Gillson is currently on display at Nenagh Heritage Centre until October 7. Nature is the predominant theme running through the exhibition as Ms Gillson depicts flowers, trees and other local scenes in her collection of 39 paintings.
A native of Berlin, Germany, Ms Gillson came to live in Ireland 10 years ago and first settled in Nenagh, before moving to Killaloe about six years ago. She works as an oncology nurse at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Limerick and finds painting is a way to relax.
“I am addicted to painting and I have been painting all my life. I have completed a lot of courses with art teachers in areas such as still life, landscape and portrait but haven’t completed a masters.
“I really enjoy using colour and abstract painting. I find painting very healing and it is a good way to relax after a long day’s work. I like to translate certain scenes from what I see and hear using colour. It isn’t wild or abstract. Instead, I favour more placid peaceful colours.
“I find Lough Derg and nature in general inspirational. Ballycuggeran Forest is behind my house and the lake is in front of me, which provides plenty of material for my paintings,” she said.
Having spent two years compiling the exhibition, she is delighted with the feedback she has already received.
“It has been like Christmas three times over. I am very encouraged by the comments I have received about the exhibition to date,” she said.
According to Arlene White from the Nenagh Heritage Centre, the exhibition is a beautiful collection of oils on canvas and acrylics.
The Nenagh Heritage Centre houses rotating art, craft, photography and information exhibitions throughout the year, most of which are by artists based in County Tipperary.


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